Harrisburg has a serious stormwater problem.

Over half of Harrisburg’s sewer pipes convey polluted stormwater runoff and sewage in the same pipes for treatment. In heavy rains, this contaminated water can overflow into Paxton Creek and the Susquehanna River. 

In addition to this combined sewer system, Capital Region Water is responsible for a second stormwater-wastewater system that uses separate stormwater and sanitary flow piping. We’re working to ensure that both of these systems comply with regulatory requirements– (MS4 Minimum Control Measures (MCMs), CSO Nine Minimum Controls (NMCs), Paxton Creek Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Strategy, and Chesapeake Bay Program, to help reduce pollution and improve water quality in Paxton Creek, the Susquehanna River, and the Chesapeake Bay.

How Stormwater Fees Work

A stormwater fee is an assessment of the amount of stormwater runoff from an individual property. The fee is based on impervious surfaces (e.g. asphalt, concrete, buildings). It is the most equitable approach to address stormwater issues because it is connected directly to the cause of runoff pollution.

How the Fee is Determined

The stormwater fee is based on the amount of stormwater generated by measuring the impervious area on a property. An impervious area is any surface that stops rainwater from soaking into the ground. Impervious areas include, but are not limited to: pavements, driveways, and roofs. Any surface designed to be compacted gravel or crushed stone is also considered impervious. 

-Residential Tier 1 Rate (Monthly)$ 3.39
-Residential Tier 2 Rate (Monthly)$6.77
-Residential Tier 3 Rate (Monthly)$6.77 x I.A.
-Non-Residential Rate (400-700 SF)$3.39
-Non-Residential Rate (Over 700 SF)$6.77 x I.A.
* I.A. = Impervious Area expressed as a unit of measurement consistent with the average residential unit’s impervious square feet of property.

Stormwater Fee Proposal and Implementation Plan

After significant public input in 2019, Capital Region Water’s Board of Directors recommended the implementation of a stormwater fee. This rate is based on the amount of stormwater runoff generated by an individual property. Calculation is based on the property’s impervious surface are (e.g., asphalt, concrete, buildings) that sheds rainwater into Capital Region Water’s sewer system. Because the cost of the stormwater program is allocated to those properties that generate the most stormwater, a stormwater fee is the most equitable approach to addressing stormwater issues and runoff pollution.

Read/download the full plan here.

See archived presentations:

Reduce Your Fee

We’re offering credit options for owners who are willing to capture or manage stormwater on their property. These strategies could include rain gardens, capture barrels, and more.

Appeal Your Stormwater Fee

Capital Region Water is providing property owners with the opportunity to appeal their stormwater fee calculation for reasons including: incorrect parcel, inaccurate impervious area calculation, or reallocation of stormwater charge among multiple water accounts on a single parcel.

The Solution

Our plan to manage runoff.

The Program

Our plan for a cleaner, more beautiful city.

What’s Next

Over the next 20 years, Capital Region Water will be implementing many projects, both big and small.

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