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Tours can range between 30 minutes and one hour and are guided by members of our community outreach team, plant operators, and other subject matter experts.

They are open to school groups, community organizations, and any groups interested in learning more about the water system in Harrisburg. All participants must be 10 years or older and sign a release of liability form before the tour begins. These documents will be released once tours are scheduled and approved.

To inquire about a tour, please fill out the form with details about your group and the purpose of your visit, and someone from the CReW will be in touch to confirm.

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Tour Locations

Dr. Robert E. Young Water Services Center

100 Pine Drive, Harrisburg

The Dr. Robert E. Young Water Services Center provides potable drinking water to the City of Harrisburg and portions of four surrounding municipalities. The facility is owned and operated by Capital Region Water.

Capital Region Water Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility

1662 South Cameron Street, Harrisburg

Harrisburg’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility provides wastewater treatment for the City of Harrisburg and six surrounding municipalities.

Community Greening Areas

Across the city

Green infrastructure reduces stormwater runoff and leverage infrastructure investment to transform and revitalize communities. This tour gives groups an opportunity to see these components at work. Pervious paving for basketball courts, stormwater bumpouts that help to improve the collection system, and so much more.

The DeHart Dam and Reservoir

Construction on the Clarks Valley Dam and Reservoir began in 1939 and was completed in 1941. The dam was built to supply water to Harrisburg area residents and was renamed in honor of city councilman William T. DeHart, who died in 1947. Tours of the DeHart Dam and Reservoir are limited.

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