Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility

The plant became operational in 1959 as a primary treatment facility. Primary treatment slows the flow of wastewater to separate solids from the water. Both solids that float, and those that sink, are removed.  In 1976 our Advanced Water Treatment Facility was converted to a high-purity, oxygen-activated sludge plant capable of treating 45 million gallons per day. The plant consists of preliminary treatment, including vortex grit removal, followed by primary clarifiers, high-purity oxygen secondary treatment, secondary clarifiers, and chlorine disinfection.

In 2016, the plant was upgraded to implement biological nutrient removal. This upgrade consisted of new side-stream treatment, 4.5-million-gallon biological reactor tankage, and numerous associated apparatus to upgrade treatment capabilities for nitrogen removal. Before the water leaves the AWTF and enters the Susquehanna River, air and chlorine is mixed with the water to kill off any bacteria that may be remaining.

Capital Region Water has one the largest, most advanced wastewater treatment facilities in the region. This facility is just one of the continuous upgrades we’re making to our infrastructure.

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