Community Ambassadors are neighborhood residents who can be a voice for their communities. With their experience, insight, and connections, they help us determine how to best utilize our resources and address their community’s concerns.

Community Ambassadors act as advocates for their community, provide information about upcoming events, and help educate their community about drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater-related topics. Capital Region Water will continue to work with our ambassadors to build knowledge and advocate for their municipality.

What You’ll Do

  • Help coordinate and volunteer to staff CRW exhibits at community events
  • Distribute materials and answer questions at events and throughout the community
  • Provide input, feedback, and evaluation of CRW events, projects, policies and initiatives
  • Assist in recognizing community engagement opportunities
  • Receive education from CRW’s staff and partners
  • Educate other CRW customers on the mission, goals, and activities of CRW
  • Advocate local and national issues that impact CRW and the community
  • Gather information on CRW related issues that arise in the community such as: billing, rate changes, stormwater, flooding, employment and contracting opportunities, broken pipes, blocked drains, and street cleaning
  • Attend monthly community ambassador meetings
  • Serve as a strategic partner for CRW throughout the community
  • Engage in unbiased two-way conversation with residents, customers, and CRW staff

Current Ambassadors

Updates are being made to this section. We will be back soon…

Become An Ambassador

If you would like to learn more about becoming a community ambassador, complete our information form below or call us at 717-216-5256 to speak with our Community Outreach Specialist, Sean Sauro.

Use the space provided to let us know who you will represent and what inspires you to become an ambassador.
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