How does Capital Region Water determine Gallons Used?

Each customer connection is equipped with a meter to measure water consumption and an MXU to wirelessly send meter readings to our billing system which creates an invoice in 1,000 gallon increments rounded to the lowest 1,000 gallons. For example, if you use 1,250 gallons every month, you will receive a bill for 1,000 gallons for three months and a bill for 2,000 gallons on the fourth month to account for the usage that carried over. For most customers, we assume that water and sewer usage are the same.

How are rates set?

As a municipal authority, Capital Region Water makes no profit and is bound to set rates based on the costs associated with operating, maintaining, and making necessary improvements to our water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. Each year our staff, Board, and consultants estimate expected costs and set rates to generate enough revenue to meet those costs. You can have your say in the budget process at any of our public board meetings.

Why is my usage estimated?

When we can’t get an auto-read of your usage, we will estimate your usage for your bill. If your water usage is being estimated it will say “Estimated” under the “Type of Readings” header on your invoice. Otherwise, it will say “Actual”.

What should I do if my usage is estimated? How can I provide a manual reading?

Please contact Customer Service to schedule an inspection of your MXU. You may also provide a manual meter reading for use in the next billing cycle by writing it anywhere on the return portion of your bill or by contacting Customer Service.

How can I make changes to my account?

Please contact Customer Service at 888-510-0606, 8:00AM-4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

Does Capital Region Water have paperless billing and online payment?

Visit today and sign up for our Customer Portal. Through it you can:
Have your invoice sent to your email address
Track your water usage (good for identifying leaks)
Pay online with a bank account
All for no fee! Your use of these options saves us money – so we pass those savings to you.

Is Automatic Monthly Payment available?

Yes. Go online to fill out the form or stop by the Customer Service Office at 3003 N. Front Street

Can I pay with a credit card?

Secure credit card payments can be made by calling 888-510-0606. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. Please have your account number and CID number ready.

Do you have an after-hours drop box?

No. We want to ensure your payment is received and processed in a timely manner. Customers can pay by phone at 888-510-0606, online at, in person at 3003 N. Front Street in Harrisburg, and through the mail.

When paying in person, why are receipts not stamped with today’s date?

The date represents the day that the money is deposited and posted to your account. If the day’s deposit has already been made, your receipt will reflect the next business day’s deposit.

Why do I have a monthly fee if my water is shutoff?

We charge a monthly, flat “Ready to Serve” fee-based on the size of your service line. This fee supports the upkeep of our system to maintain service to that line.

Why does the homeowner need a monthly bill if tenants are living in the house and responsible for payment?

The deeded property owner is ultimately responsible for the payment of the water and sewer bills. Additional copies for tenants can be requested for a cost of $1 per month per paper copy.

What if I am a tenant and my water is going to be shutoff?

Generally, service to a Property cannot be terminated without a 30-day written notice to Tenants giving them the opportunity to assume utilities. More information regarding the Utility Service Tenants Rights Act can be found here. A copy is also available from Capital Region Water upon request.

Why is my water usage so high?

High monthly water usage could be a result of more days in the billing cycle, increased usage, or leaks downstream of the meter. Use our tips or contact a plumber to check for leaks. If you don’t find leaks and are still concerned about your consumption contact Customer Service at 888-510-0606.

How is the late penalty calculated?

A penalty of ten percent (10%) is assessed on the current billed amount that has not been paid by the due date. The late penalty is assessed prior to the issuance of the next bill. The penalty is only applied to the unpaid portion of the most recent bill compared to the entire past due balance. Penalties are not extended to aging, past due balances. 

What if I’m having trouble paying my bill?

Please get in touch with Capital Region Water at 888-510-0606. Our customer service staff can discuss customer assistance options.

Am I eligible for a payment agreement?

Payment agreements are not meant to be a substitute for paying bills on time, but intended to assist customers in managing their past due balances. Only one payment agreement can be active at any given time, and an integral part of the agreement is the requirement that the customer pays all current bills in a timely manner. If a customer fails to keep their commitment, they may ineligible for a future payment agreement.

Customers are encouraged to request a payment agreement in a timely manner to avoid penalties or service interruption.

I still have questions. Are there other resources?

Please review the Rules & Regulations page of CRW’s website at Rules & Regulations – Capital Region Water. The Collections Policy has been adopted as an appendix to the Drinking Water System Rules and Regulations. 

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