Financial Relief is Available

To assist those with limited incomes, Capital Region Water is enhancing our customer assistance program.

Investing in our community from raindrop to river.

Capital Region Water is creating a cleaner, greener, and more efficient public water system for citizens of the greater Harrisburg area.

Keeping it Clean Downstream

The City Beautiful H2O Program is investing millions of dollars to restore aging infrastructure, reduce combined sewer discharges, improve the health of local waterways, and beautify our neighborhoods through community greening. Learn more about the Program plan.

Flowing Together

Capital Region Water’s proud employees work every day to provide reliable service through the improvement, operation, and maintenance of the Harrisburg area’s water systems. Learn more about the projects underway to protect public health and the environment. The Capital Region Water GeoHUB has been created to highlight current and upcoming projects prioritized by Capital Region Water.

Tapping Into the Community

At Capital Region Water, we are committed to the community we serve.  Education and stakeholder outreach ensure we are listening and answering questions about our shared responsibility for clean water and customer satisfaction.