We want to hear your voice

Capital Region Water’s wants to serve our Harrisburg-area customers as best we can.

All plans and projects can benefit from community members’ local knowledge and expertise. We welcome feedback and public comments through public meetings or participation in regular board meetings.

Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors are a voice for their communities. As a community ambassador, you bring a unique perspective. With your experience, insight, and connection to your own community, we can determine how we can best use our resources to address concerns. The ambassadors advocate for their neighborhood, provide information about issues and support community engagement events.

Become a Partner

Capital Region Water works closely with local and state government agencies, community organizations, private property owners, and more to leverage funding and resources to maximize results. For us, there is only one target: enhancing our city’s resources for future generations. A collective effort for green infrastructure will be beneficial for all.

Public Tours

Capital Region Water currently offers tours at our drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. The tour includes an overview of Capital Region Water’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, as well as a step-by-step look at our water treatment processes. Free tours are available to anyone ten years of age or older.

Community Calendar

Check out Capital Region Water’s community calendar to see our public events. From litter cleanup days to public meetings, all are invited to join their community to help create healthier waterways.


Designed to increase community involvement as volunteers adopt and help maintain rain gardens and green stormwater infrastructure by keeping them clean and litter-free.


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