The Problem

About 60% of Harrisburg drains into a combined sewer system, which collects stormwater and wastewater in the same pipe.

This system can be overwhelmed during large rain events, sending untreated sewage overflowing into Paxton Creek and the Susquehanna River. Capital Region Water is currently undergoing a planning process to reduce these overflows.

The other 40% of Harrisburg is a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, which conveys stormwater into local bodies of water, including Paxton Creek, Spring Creek, and the Susquehanna River separately from wastewater. This water picks up pollution on our streets before entering local waters. Capital Region Water is actively involved in meeting permit requirements under MS4 Permit, which will help us reduce stormwater pollution.

Learn more about the MS4 Program

Learn more about our City Beautiful H2O program is helping us to reduce stormwater pollution.

How Our Community Will Benefit

There are numerous ways in which the stormwater management projects will benefit the public, including improving water quality, attracting economic investments, reviving public space in distressed neighborhoods, providing new opportunities for recreation, and encouraging redevelopment. Taken together, these greening projects will begin to improve the overall sustainability of Harrisburg.

Other top priorities include: 

  • Repair and maintenance of nearly 4,000 storm drains to prevent local flooding. These drains send water away from our roads, helping to keep drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe.
  • Protect public health by balancing wastewater and stormwater responsibilities and requirements. 
  • Optimize opportunities and benefits for Capital Region Water’s infrastructure and community. 
  • Be affordable! 

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is one of many proactive measures that we take to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on streets and washing into local waterways. With Capital Region Water’s investment in our own street sweeping team and equipment, we can better prevent pollutants from entering the Susquehanna River and nearby creeks and streams. Our street sweeping program also supports our City Beautiful H2O initiative for clean water and community beautification.

Please be advised:

The City of Harrisburg is responsible for snow removal, leaf collection, trash removal, large debris removal from streets, and street sweeping for special events.

Park Harrisburg and the City of Harrisburg are responsible for parking enforcement during street sweeping days. Parking enforcement may still occur on days that street cleaning does not.


The Street Sweeping schedule provided below is posted on your street as well. Our sweepers follow the schedule in accordance with the posted signs. 

View the Street Sweeping Schedule Map.

Regular sweeping does not occur when it rains, snows, or when temperatures are below freezing.

Street sweeping is not performed on holidays observed by Capital Region Water. Find a list of these holidays here.

Contact Information:

Capital Region Water: 888-510-0606,

City of Harrisburg: 311 or 717-255-3040

Park Harrisburg: 717-234-2274

How can you help?

Everyone has a shared responsibility for clean streets, clean water, and beautiful neighborhoods.

Prevent Street Flooding

Remove debris and litter from the top of storm drains.  This will help prevent street flooding and reduce the long-term costs of operating our community’s infrastructure.

Stop the Drop

Never pollute our city with litter, and if you see litter, take the time to pick it up. Join the citywide Stop the Drop campaign and help our city become litter free.

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