Looking Towards the Future

Capital Region Water is a dedicated team of professionals devoted to customer satisfaction and stewardship of our community’s water systems from raindrop to river. City Beautiful H2O represents our 20-year commitment to improving Harrisburg’s water and sewer infrastructure and the health of city’s waterways. Over the next 20 years, Capital Region Water will be implementing many projects, both big and small. Some will be clearly visible in neighborhoods, while others will be hidden beneath city streets. Along the way, we will be working with local community members to help shape the City Beautiful H2O program.

Local Green Infrastructure

Green Parks

Capital Region Water partnered with the City of Harrisburg, DCNR, and Impact Harrisburg to construct green infrastructure at five Harrisburg parks over the last three years. Park improvements at Penn & Sayford, Cloverly Heights, 4th & Dauphin Park and Norwood & Holly are all now open.

Green Streets

New planters that manage stormwater have been installed around the city. These street bumpouts are designed to manage stormwater runoff and prevent flows from entering the combined sewer system, reducing combined sewer discharges. Check out the installations along 3rd Street and Derry Street!

Green Neighborhoods

Our team worked with the Summit Terrace Neighborhood to transform vacant lots into productive and beautiful rain gardens. This kind of green stormwater infrastructure mimics nature by allowing soil and plants to absorb, store, and recycle water.  

Maintaining Our System Through Asset Management

Maintenance is a key component in our effort to restore system capacity and reduce the negative impacts of unauthorized releases. We’re proactive in our approach to monitoring our city’s infrastructure.

Get Involved

Provide Feedback

We want to provide the best possible service to our customers in the Harrisburg area, but we need your help. All plans and projects can benefit from the local knowledge and expertise of community members like you. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback to Capital Region Water in person at public meetings or board meetings, by email at info@capitalregionwater.com, or by phone at (888)510-0606.

Community Ambassadors

Community ambassadors are neighborhood residents that can be a voice for their communities. As a community ambassador, you bring a unique perspective.

Become a Partner

Capital Region Water cannot do this alone. Tackling the issue of stormwater management will require participation from local and state government agencies, community organizations, neighborhoods, private property owners, and other partners. We plan to leverage funding with partners throughout Harrisburg who have goals that can be furthered by green stormwater infrastructure.

The Problem

Harrisburg, like cities across the country, is facing the challenge of maintaining and upgrading water and sewer infrastructure that was built decades ago.

The Program

Our plan for a cleaner, more beautiful city.

The Solution

Our plan to manage runoff.

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