Who We Are

Investing in Our Community from Raindrop to River

DeHart Reservoir

DeHart Reservoir in Clarks Valley

Capital Region Water is a municipal authority that improves, maintains, and operates the greater Harrisburg area’s water system and infrastructure — from raindrop to river. Capital Region Water is the steward for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services for the City of Harrisburg and portions of surrounding municipalities including Penbrook, Paxtang and Steelton Boroughs and Susquehanna, Swatara and Lower Paxton Townships.


Capital Region Water took over operation of Harrisburg’s water systems in late 2013 with a renewed commitment to operating openly and transparently, in a fiscally responsible, proactive, and sustainable manner, and with a community focus.


Meet the Team

Capital Region Water’s staff work 24 hours a day to bring you clean drinking water and treat your wastewater. Our employees are proud public servants that work hard to provide great service and embody our mission to be a premier water utility. If you’d like to join our team, check out our current job postings here.



Customer Testimonials

zenoriaZenoria Owens, South Harrisburg

“On March 30th I was devastated to find that my front door wouldn’t open after discovering a sinkhole outside. I immediately went out the back of my home and asked Capital Region Water crews for assistance. A crew member named Maynard volunteered to assist and he, and other Capital Region Water crew members, went above and beyond trying help me. Although they weren’t ultimately successful I greatly appreciated their efforts.  Capital Region Water’s response to the sinkholes and water main breaks on South 14th Street give me hope for our community.”

johnharris2John Harris, Uptown Harrisburg

“I’ve been trying to get the storm inlet near my home cleaned out for over three years with zero success.  My home is at the bottom of a hill and gets inundated with water during heavy rainfall events which is made worse by a clogged inlet. I was pleased to see Capital Region Water quickly respond to the matter once it was reported to them. “