Public Comment Accepted April 24 through August 28

Capital Region Water continues to seek input on its long-term plan to manage wastewater and stormwater in the city of Harrisburg. A four-month public comment period will open with a public presentation at CRW’s monthly Board meeting on Wednesday, April 24th at 6:00 pm. Community members and stakeholders are invited to learn more and offer their feedback.

“It’s appropriate that Capital Region Water kicks off this next opportunity for public engagement on Earth Day. The improvements that we are planning today impact tomorrow’s generation and will build a more resilient city ready to meet the challenges for future revitalization,” stated Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the CEO of Capital Region Water. “Wednesday’s session presents an excellent opportunity to solicit input on a broader strategy to improve our infrastructure and meet clean water goals. Although the strategy has undergone some changes, our commitment to a cleaner, greener community remains the same.”

Capital Region Water is updating its City Beautiful H2O Program Plan, which includes details to control combined sewer overflows, reduce backups on streets and in basements, and comply with regulatory commitments. This session will provide insight into the Alternatives Analysis and Financial Capabilities Assessment – a pair of documents that will drive the selection and implementation of targeted projects necessary to reduce pollution and improve water quality, both locally and downstream. Public feedback is fundamental in shaping these revisions for the city of Harrisburg.

The proposed plan, spanning the next several decades, involves an estimated expenditure of approximately $400 million. The Alternatives Analysis, filed in March, proposes a choice of multiple, achievable project plans (i.e., alternatives) designed to move CRW toward compliance. Ultimately, CRW will choose one of those plans for implementation via the authority’s City Beautiful H2O Program. A combination of infrastructure modernization, green infrastructure installation, and new stormwater storage systems are all proposed features of the alternatives.

The informational presentation is scheduled for the regular monthly Board of Directors meeting at the Capital Region Water administration building, located at 3003 N. Front Street, on April 24th at 6:00 pm. The event is a vital step in the decision-making process. This is the community’s opportunity to learn about the proposed alternatives, offer feedback, and engage in shaping the city’s water infrastructure for decades to come. Community and stakeholder input is highly valued and will be considered in the final plan.

Capital Region Water encourages all interested parties to attend, or listen in, and contribute to this active discussion. Participation is necessary in ensuring that the collective efforts align with the community’s needs and aspirations for a thriving city to live, work, play, and stay.

For further information, please visit CRW’s website at: and follow the Board Meetings tab for agenda, location information, and virtual meeting links. Additional opportunities for public input will be provided throughout the spring and summer.

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