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Capital Region Water is releasing a five-year report reflecting on its Business Diversity Program. The report highlights key program milestones and a summary of project commitments awarded to minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises.

“As an anchor in our community, we continually recognize the opportunity to invest here in our physical infrastructure as well as our human infrastructure – the people that make up the fabric of a community,” said CRW Board Chair Marc Kurowski.  “It’s our policy to ensure minority, women, and other disadvantaged business enterprises (M/W/DBE) have an equal opportunity to receive and participate in project-related construction contracts.”

After incorporating community input, CRW’s Board adopted the M/W/DBE Plan in September of 2016. This plan applies to all construction contracts that exceed the bidding threshold established for municipal authorities in Pennsylvania ($21,900 in 2022). In 2021 alone, there was an average of 15% M/W/DBE participation in all such contracts. Majority of those being locally owned businesses.

In addition to project or capital-related construction contracts, supplier diversity is considered during the procurement, award, and administration of various other purchases and professional services at Capital Region Water.

“Through an approach that encourages the utilization of certified minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises, it is our commitment to remove barriers and ensure nondiscrimination in the solicitation and award of related opportunities,” added CRW CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer. “We’ve come so far in the past five years and expect the number of firms and commitments to increase as we continue capacity building efforts into the future.”

Capital Region Water’s Business Diversity Program Manager will present the five-year program report during the Regular Board Meeting. The Board will meet today, Wednesday, June 22 at 6 p.m. Meeting details can be found at

To learn more about the full program, visit our website at: Business Diversity Program – Capital Region Water

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