At its Regular Meeting last evening, Capital Region Water’s Board of Directors officially approved the 2024 budgets and rates, signaling a continued commitment to much-needed investments in the city’s future while remaining focused on the affordability challenges facing many consumers.

Customers will experience a modest increase in their monthly bill, which, on average, is less than $5.00. CRW carefully considered these rates to strike a balance between covering necessary operational costs and providing fair and equitable charges to customers. This ensures that critical drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services and infrastructure remain reliable and safe for the entire service territory.

CRW has also proposed increased funding for credit assistance programs, which utilize non-rate revenues to provide direct assistance to those in the community who need it the most.

“Our commitments are to our customers in the form of affordability, excellence in water quality, and vital improvements to our aging infrastructure,” said CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer. “While we don’t enjoy recommending increases in our rates, they are necessary to provide the service our customers deserve and expect.”

The 2024 budget focuses on critical areas such as infrastructure improvements, water quality initiatives, and environmental stewardship. Capital Region Water has remained dedicated to protecting public health and the environment for the past ten years. Providing award-winning drinking water, managing stormwater runoff, and responsibly handling wastewater services for the Harrisburg region, Capital Region Water strives to be a leader in water management, focusing on sustainability and community engagement.

Capital Region Water encourages residents to stay informed about the budget and rate adjustments by visiting the website or attending monthly public meetings. Customers can find information about meeting schedules, agendas, and all rates and fees on the website at

Typical Monthly Bill Example:

DescriptionCurrent Rates*Rates Effective in 2024$ Change
RTS Charge Varies based on Meter Size$  8.17$  8.17$0.00
Water Charge $10.65 per thousand gallons$38.78$39.94$1.16
Wastewater Charge $9.98 per thousand gallons$34.65$37.43$2.78
Stormwater Charge – Tier 2 Varies based on impervious area$  6.15$  6.77$0.62
 Total Monthly Bill$87.75$92.31$4.56
Assumes a 5/8” meter and 3,750 gallons of water use per month. (Based on 45,000 gallons annually)

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