Sewer System Rehabilitation


Multiple Locations (Listed below)


2022 Ongoing Annually




CRW’s collection (combined sewage, separate sanitary, and separate storm) the system collects and transports wastewater and stormwater originating within the City of Harrisburg to CRW’s conveyance (interceptors and pump station) and treatment facilities. Much of the system is quite old (Civil War – 1950s) and constructed of antiquated materials (brick & clay) that have outlived their expected service lives.

Project Purpose:

Rehabilitate priority defects to avoid failures using a variety of methods including conventional replacement and “trenchless” structural pipe lining procedures. Pipe failures cause regulatory violations (sewer backups and overflows) and catastrophic, expensive repair needs including sinkholes and street failures. CRW proactively cleans and televises the system to identify pipe defects so they may be addressed prior to failure.

Project Summary:

Rehabilitate priority pipe, manholes, and inlets with a combination of design/bid/build, IDIQ, and self-performed construction.

The Projects will be financed using a combination of PENNVEST (1% APR loan) and 2017 series bonds/cash.

Project Locations:

  • Seneca Street (Front Street to 7th Street)
  • Susquehanna Street (Emerald Street to Woodbine Street)
  • Forster Street (Front Street to Capital Street)
  • Sycamore Street (Cameron Street to Rolleston Street
  • Watson Street (28th Street to 29th Street)
  • Benton Street (Brookwood Street to Berryhill Street)
  • S 20th Street (Rudy Road to Spencer Street)
  • 15th Street (Albert Alley to Vernon Street)
  • Mulberry Street (Crescent Street to Derry Street)
  • State Street (13th Street to 20th Street)

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