Route I-83


Contract 1: Design 2023, Construct 2023-2026


In Design


PennDOT is undertaking an Interstate 83 (I-83) Master Plan to widen and improve the interstate in the Harrisburg area. The I-83 East Shore Section 3 Project limits stretch from the Susquehanna River to 29th Street. The proposed improvements include widening the I-83 corridor to three mainline lanes in each direction with additional lanes providing access to upgraded interchanges via a collector-distributor system. The I-83 Expansion Project will be divided into 3 contracts and construction will occur over the next 10 years.

Project Purpose:

Abandon, relocate, and replace sewer mains in conflict with the PennDOT I-83 Expansion Project.

Project Summary:

The project will result in at least 50 conflicts with CRW utilities which must be relocated or adjusted and incorporated in the PennDOT project.

The project will be financed from PayGo.

Estimated Project Timeline:
Contract 1: Design 2022, Construct 2023-2026

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