As CRW’s City Beautiful H2O Program outlines, significant CSO reduction is required within the Paxton Creek Interceptor sewersheds. Small sewer separation is a cost-effective method to divert stormwater from the Combined Sewer where limited sanitary sewer connections exist. These projects are instrumental in managing stormwater runoff, preventing environmental contamination, and improving the overall resilience and efficiency of the sewer collection systems in areas with heavy stormwater challenges.

Project Purpose:

In a small sewer separation project, the primary goal is to separate combined sewer systems into distinct stormwater sewers. This separation helps manage heavy stormwater runoff more effectively along the Paxton Creek Corridor. Separating the sewers helps mitigate CSOs during heavy rainfall. Sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff are directed to separate systems, reducing the risk of overflows to local waterways. Another benefit to separation is increasing the sewer system’s overall capacity, reducing the likelihood of backups and overflows during periods of heavy rainfall.

Project Summary:

This project will develop engineering plans to separate the combined sewers and construct separate storm sewers in small combined sewersheds adjacent to Paxton Creek.

There are approximately 16.9 acres of impervious area within the designated catchment areas that will be disconnected from the combined sewer system. This will require excavation and construction work to lay down the new infrastructure. The stormwater runoff from these areas will be redirected from the existing combined sewer system to the CRW MS4 system for discharge to local receiving waters.

Once complete, CRW will finalize the project by restoring any disturbed areas, such as roads or landscapes, to their original condition and will ensure that the separated sewer systems are fully operational. Crews will conduct thorough testing and inspections to ensure the newly separated systems function correctly and meet regulatory standards.

The project will be funded by PayGo.

Estimated Timeline


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