Uptown, Lower Front, and Lower Paxton Creek


2023-2025 Construction




CRW is employing decentralized green/grey stormwater control infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff and prevent flows from entering the combined sewer system, thereby reducing combined sewer overflow (CSO) activity.

Project Purpose:

The 2020-2021 planning effort is focused on the wet weather control within the three Priority Planning Areas identified in the alternative evaluation in Section 8 of the City Beautiful H2O Program Plan. Planning-area-specific CSO control targets are established for the three planning areas (Uptown, Lower Front, and Lower Paxton Creek) where baseline controls are less effective at reducing CSOs.

Project Summary:

Design and construction of green stormwater infrastructure to manage approximately 9-13 acres of impervious area located in Lower Paxton Creek Planning Area/Uptown Planning Area/Lower Front Planning Area annually.

Project design will be funded by PayGo.

The project construction will be financed by a PENNVEST low interest loan.


  • Lower Paxton Creek
  • Lower Front
  • Uptown

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