Paxton Creek




Evaluation/ Re-Design


Paxton Creek Interceptor (PCI) conveys combined sewage from over half the City, Susquehanna, and Lower Paxton Townships to Front Street Pump Station. After several thorough investigations, it was determined that the 1902 cast-in-place concrete pipe is severely compromised with visible defects (exposed rebar, cracks, and voids) throughout the 13,500-LF alignment. The Paxton Creek Interceptor is vital to the overall functionality and effectiveness of CRW’s sewer collection system and must be rehabilitated.

Project Purpose:

The project will rehabilitate the entire interceptor to address defects and structurally reinforce the pipe back to full strength.

The Paxton Creek Interceptor plays a crucial role in the sewer collection system in Harrisburg, PA, for several reasons:

  • Flow Conveyance: The interceptor serves as a major conduit for transporting wastewater, including sewage and stormwater, from various parts of the city to the treatment facilities. It facilitates the efficient flow of collected wastewater to the treatment plant.
  • System Integration: Paxton Creek Interceptor integrates multiple smaller sewer lines and tributaries into a centralized system. This consolidation enhances the overall effectiveness of the underground sewer collection network in Harrisburg.
  • Capacity Management: As an integral component of the sewer system, the interceptor helps manage the capacity of the overall network. It ensures that the flow of wastewater is controlled and directed appropriately, preventing overflows and system failures.
  • Flood Prevention: By effectively conveying stormwater, especially during heavy rainfall, the interceptor helps prevent local flooding and reduces the risk of sewage overflow into streets or residential areas. This is crucial for protecting public health and preventing property damage.
  • Environmental Protection: The proper functioning of the Paxton Creek Interceptor helps to safeguard local waterways and ecosystems. By preventing overflows and controlling the discharge of wastewater, it helps maintain water quality standards and protects the environment as a whole. 

Project Summary:

CRW designed and bid for the full restoration in 2017/2018. Upon taking the line out of service with a bypass pumping operation, it was revealed that the line is much more severely damaged than observable in 2013 & 2016 while in service. The rehabilitation work, now much more extensive, has been impacted by the extreme wet weather experienced in 2018, and progress has been limited. CRW terminated the existing contract effective 12/2018. The project will be reevaluated using replacement or the slip lining rehabilitation method.

The project will be financed from 2017 series bonds/cash.

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