DeHart Reservoir
 Rush Township, PA 17032






CRW’s primary raw water supply is the DeHart Reservoir, impounded by DeHart Dam. The dam was constructed in the early 1940s with an emergency spillway to release flow in a controlled manner during wet weather events. PA DEP informed CRW that the spillway capacity is inadequate to safely handle the Probable Maximum Flood event. CRW performed an initial evaluation of spillway expansion alternatives along with a geotechnical assessment of the impoundment. PA DEP released updated Probable Maximum Precipitation values in late 2019. These values impacted the proposed modifications. CRW is working with a consulting engineer (AECOM) to design the necessary dam improvements.

Project Purpose:

Expand spillway capacity and rehabilitate the upper section of the spillway
chute, increase pool drawdown capacity.

Project Summary:

Modify the existing straight ogee spillway with an alternate design that can provide greater spillway length within the same opening (e.g., labyrinth, piano key, etc.). Replace the upper portion of the spillway chute and walls and anchor the new spillway into competent bedrock. The project will be partially funded by DeHart Conservation Easement proceeds but will require additional bond issue/financing.

Estimated Timeline

Design & Permitting

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