Entire Sewer Collection System






Cleaning and inspection of the collection (combined sewage, separate sanitary, and separate storm) system has been a priority for CRW since 2013. While we self-perform this work, there have been schedule demands (LTCP H/H Model development) that have been too challenging to address, and there are parts of the system that are too large for our equipment. We have contracted outside professionals to execute this work. We have been able to realize over 90% M/W/DBE participation in previous phases. 

Project Purpose:

Develop system-wide condition data to prioritize rehabilitation and improvements.

Project Summary:

Contract cleaning and CCTV investigation of sections of the system our staff cannot execute. Incorporate inspection data in to CRW’s GIS system and leverage the data in our Asset Management Plan.
The project will be financed from 2017 series bonds/cash.

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