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Cleaning and inspection of the collection system (combined sewage, separate sanitary, and separate storm) has been a priority for CRW since 2013. While we self-perform this work, there have been schedule demands (LTCP H/H Model development) that have been too challenging to address, and parts of the system are too large for our equipment. We have contracted outside professionals to execute this work. We have realized over 90% M/W/DBE participation in previous phases. 

Project Purpose:

Why is CCTV used to inspect the Sewer Collection System in Harrisburg?

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) is employed to inspect collection systems for a variety of reasons:

1. CCTV cameras can navigate through sewer pipes, providing visual access to areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach.

2. The real-time video feed allows operators to identify and assess potential issues such as blockages, leaks, or structural damage before they escalate, enabling proactive maintenance.

3. CCTV inspections provide a detailed view of the internal condition of sewer pipes, helping CRW staff assess the extent of wear, corrosion, or other defects.  These inspections also help to generate visual records and data about the sewer system’s condition, aiding in creating comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation plans. Early detections help inform an efficient asset management program. Operators can quickly pinpoint the location and nature of problems, facilitating targeted repairs or maintenance activities without unnecessary excavation.

Project Summary:

The contractor will help to compile data into our GIS and Asset Management Plans. The benefits include:

1. Optimized Maintenance Planning: CCTV inspections provide essential data for CRW asset managers to prioritize and plan maintenance activities, optimizing resource allocation and reducing overall operational costs.

2. Prolonged Asset Lifespan: Early detection and timely repairs based on CCTV findings can extend the lifespan of sewer system assets, maximizing the utility’s return on investment.

3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Visual documentation and data collected from CCTV inspections enable informed decision-making for asset managers, helping them make strategic choices for system upgrades or replacements.

The project will be financed from 2017 series bonds/cash.

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