Arsenal Boulevard


Winter 2021- 2023




CRW responded to reports of sewage odors in the State Hospital complex area and located compromised pipe and manholes in an unnamed tributary to Asylum Run. Staff addressed the immediate issue, then CRW performed an extensive evaluation of the entire sewer system in the area. The run of 24-inch vitrified clay pipe had numerous defects along the alignment which runs within the stream. The site is very difficult to access due to the steep wooded slopes down to the stream. It was determined that the best approach to resolve the issue is to replace in an alignment more accessible and out of the stream bank.

Project Purpose:

Replace/rehabilitate failing 24-inch VCP sewer.

Project Summary:

Rehabilitation/replacement of approximately 2,500 LF of sewer collector pipe. The project was bid in early 2021 and bids were rejected due to excessively high costs. The project will be re-designed in Q4 2021 using alternative construction methods to reduce the cost and re-bid in early 2022.

Project will be financed by a PENNVEST (1% APR loan).

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