Citizen and Partner Worksgroups

Capital Region Water is working with several workgroups and committees to facilitate public participation with the City Beautiful H2O Community Greening Plan and other water, stormwater and wastewater programs. Below is a summary chart and brief description of these groups.

Community Ambassador Workgroup

The Community Ambassador Committee is formed of community stakeholders that have an interest in community improvement and deployment of community greening projects that capture stormwater and reduce polluted runoff. Members live and/or work within the City of Harrisburg and provide valuable local perspective to Capital Region Water’s work.

  • Evelyn Hunt, State Street
  • Brian Humphrey, Summit Terrace
  • Jean Cutler, Harrisburg Rain Barrel Coalition / Landmark Neighborhood / Camp Curtin Neighbors United
  • Rhonda Mays Neighborhood Action Group of Shrinerstown
  • Loretta Darbee, Summit Terrace
  • Pam Goodwin, Neighborhood Action Group of Shrinerstown
  • Garvey Presley, Riverside Neighbors, Capital Region Water Board
  • Bill Allis, Capitol Area Neighbors
  • Roberta Thomas Pastor, Fountain Gate Church
  • Gloria Vazquez Merrick, Latino American Hispanic Cultural Center
  • Jamien Harvey, Camp Curtin YMCA
  • Tara Leo Auchey, Today’s the Day Harrisburg
  • Rafiqya Muhammad, Ngozi Urban Agriculture
  • Cheryl Capozzoli, Harrisburg School District
  • David Botero, City of Harrisburg
  • Scott Shepler, Capital Area Greenbelt Association
  • Gary Huggens, Midtown
  • Claude Phipps, Council of Communities / Bellevue Park Association
  • Terry Lawson, Property Manager

Innovation Workgroup

The Innovation Workgroup is a technical workgroup of qualified professionals to assist in the evaluation of green stormwater infrastructure techniques, including specific practices, site selection/design, and efficiency. Members of this Workgroup have experience/perspective in land use planning, hydrology, green infrastructure planning/design, and/or regulatory requirements.

  • Jennifer Fetter, Penn State University
  • Liz Deardorff, American Rivers
  • Mary Gattis, The Alliance for the Bay
  • Shirley Clark, Associate Professor, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Jennifer Hine, Manada Conservancy
  • Tina Sell, Susquehanna Art Museum
  • Jennifer Cotting, Environmental Finance Center
  • Ralph Vartan, Vartan Group
  • Edward Black, H. Edward Black and Associates
  • Catherine Prince, Raudenbush Engineering
  • Anne Marek, RGS
  • Mark Gutshall Landstudies, Principal
  • Eileen Reavey, USGBC
  • Bill Minarik, Stewards of the Lower Susquehanna
  • Bradley R. Jones, Harristown Development Corp.

Partners Workgroup

The Partners Workgroup include various partners and stakeholders who are critical to Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O compliance. Members of this workgroup include large property owners, government entities, and economic development organizations. This group will help Capital Region Water identify cost-sharing and other collaborative opportunities.

  • Jackie Parker, City of Harrisburg
  • Geoffrey Knight, City of Harrisburg
  • Wayne Martin, City Of Harrisburg
  • Jim Spatz, City of Harrisburg
  • Erik Josephson, City of Harrisburg
  • Leah Eppingger,  Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
  • Kris M. Feldmeyer, PennDOT
  • Patty Kim, State Capitol Representative
  • Bradley Swartz, Department of General Services
  • David Black, Harrisburg Regional Chambers
  • Rusty Diamond, Environmental Advisory Council
  • Robert Grosko, Harrisburg Housing Authority
  • Bryan Davis, Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority
  • William Jones, Capital Area Transit
  • Bill Sutton, Harrisburg Young Professionals
  • George Wolfe, Lower Paxton Township
  • Gary Myers, Susquehanna Township
  • Todd Vander Woude, Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District