Upper Reservoir Rehabilitation Project

By | April 20, 2018

Capital Region Water will be rehabilitating the Upper Reservoir behind the Civil War Museum between April and September 2018. The Upper Reservoir was built in 1924 and holds 28 million gallons of drinking water split between two sections: East Reservoir and West Reservoir. This will be the first rehabilitation of the reservoir on record.

First, above ground piping will be installed behind the Civil War Museum to provide water service to the museum while the West Reservoir is cleaned and repaired. Once this bypass pumping operation is installed, contractors will mobilize to clean and repair the reservoir behind the museum. The bypass pumping system will be removed following the completion of cleaning and repairing the West Reservoir in June/July 2018.  Bypass pumping will not be needed when the East Reservoir is cleaned and repaired between June and September 2018.

Capital Region Water will have a representative on site during working hours. Please call Capital Region Water at 888-510-0606 if you have any questions. This number is monitored 24 hours / day for water emergencies.