Street Sweeping for Clean Water

By | January 23, 2017


Weather permitting, Capital Region Water will continue street sweeping throughout the winter.


Street sweeping is one method to prevent dirt and grit pollution from entering storm drains and reaching our local waterways and is part of Capital Region Water’s permit requirements for its stormwater and wastewater systems.

Capital Region Water uses “regenerative air” sweepers which reduce more pollution and earn more credits toward meeting stormwater permit requirements as compared to traditional sweepers.

Street sweeping is part of Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O Program for clean water and community beautification. Learn more.

Please be advised:

The City of Harrisburg is responsible for snow removal, leaf collection, trash removal, large debris removal from streets, and street sweeping for special events.

Park Harrisburg and the City of Harrisburg are responsible for parking enforcement during street sweeping days. Parking enforcement may still occur on days that street cleaning does not.


The Street Cleaning schedule provided below is posted on your street as well. Our sweepers follow the schedule in accordance with the posted signs. 

Street Sweeping Schedule Map.

Regular sweeping does not occur when it rains, snows, or when temperatures are below freezing.

Street sweeping is not performed on holidays observed by Capital Region Water. Find a list of these holidays here.

Contact Information:

Capital Region Water: 888-510-0606,

City of Harrisburg: 311 or 717-255-3040

Park Harrisburg: 717-234-2274

How can you help?

Everyone has a shared responsibility for clean streets, clean water, and beautiful neighborhoods.

Prevent Street Flooding: Remove debris and litter from the top of storm drains.  This will help prevent street flooding and reduce the long term costs of operating our community’s infrastructure.

Stop the Drop. Never pollute our city with litter, and if you see litter, take the time to pick it up. Join the citywide Stop the Drop campaign and help our city become litter free.