Use the interactive map to find your fee


Capital Region Water employed the most advanced, sophisticated technology to develop an interactive map that enables residential and commercial property owners to zero in on impervious surfaces subject to the proposed assessment.

In fall 2012, Capital Region Water contracted with T3 Global Strategies, a multi-disciplined photogrammetric/geomatics/engineering firm with more than two decades of industry experience, for the development of its impervious area mapping for Harrisburg. This mapping was created to establish the base mapping in support Capital Region Water’s infrastructure, asset management and GIS programs.

The impervious area mapping was derived by certified photogrammetric compilers to meet National Mapping Accuracy Standards for a 1-inch-to-50-feet scale mapping ratio. Low-level, high-resolution aerial imagery was flown and utilized in the development of the final orthophotography and impervious area datasets. The compilers were able to determine the classification of the impervious surfaces, such as buildings, concrete, driveways, etc.

The scale and quality were selected to support both immediate mapping needs as well as longer-term planning, design and engineering requirements.

This technology is an accepted standard used by countless other municipalities that have adopted similar stormwater fees based on impervious surface areas.


Type your property address or Parcel ID into the search bar and the map will zoom to the location. Click on your property, which is highlighted by blue borders, and the stormwater assessment information will pop-up on the screen.