Stormwater Fee

Stormwater Fee


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Capital Region Water employed the most advanced, sophisticated technology to develop an interactive map that delineates the impervious area subject to assessment. View your property on the map.


The Stormwater Fee Proposal and Implementation Plan was unveiled in June 2019 as part of Capital Region Water’s larger City Beautiful H2O Program. Capital Region Water held three public hearings and participated in dozens of community meetings over the course of this project. Nearly 100 residents and businesses submitted comments and feedback.

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What is a stormwater fee?

A stormwater fee is an assessment of the amount of stormwater runoff from an individual property. The fee is based on impervious surfaces (e.g., asphalt, concrete, buildings). It is the most equitable approach to address stormwater issues because it is connected directly to the cause of runoff pollution.

Why do we need a stormwater fee in Harrisburg?

Over half of Harrisburg’s sewer pipes are part of a combined sewer system, where polluted stormwater runoff and sewage are conveyed in the same pipe for treatment. In wet weather, stormwater flows exceed system capacity, discharging the mixture into Paxton Creek or the Susquehanna River. In addition to the combined system, Capital Region Water is also responsible for the stormwater-wastewater system that uses separate stormwater piping from those pipes that carry sanitary flow to the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility. The entire system (combined or separate) requires stormwater management practices to comply with regulatory requirements, including but not limited to pollutant reduction plans necessary to improve water quality in Paxton Creek, the Susquehanna River, and the Chesapeake Bay.

How is the fee determined?

The stormwater fee is based on the amount of stormwater generated by measuring the amount of impervious area (IA) on a property. Impervious area is any surface that prevents or impedes the infiltration of rainwater into the ground. For purposes of the fee calculation, impervious areas include, but are not limited to: pavements, driveway areas, and roofs. Any surface designed to be compacted gravel or crushed stone shall be regarded as an impervious surface. More details can be found in the Policies and Procedures manual.

Credits and Appeals

How our Fee Compares?

The projected fee was less than 12 out of the 20 utilities included in our survey of residential stormwater fees in Pennsylvania.

How you can Reduce your Fee!

We’re offering credit options for owners who are willing to capture or manage some of the stormwater on their property.

Stormwater management credits are available for:

  • downspout disconnection from storm sewers : “How-To” Guide Here
  • rain barrels or cisterns,
  • rain gardens or bioretention
  • porous pavement
  • infiltration basins, trenches
  • green roofs
  • wet basins
  • and many other measures.
  • For more information Click Here

We’re providing property owners with an opportunity to appeal their stormwater fee calculation.

Reasons may include:

  • incorrect parcel
  • inaccurate property classification
  • inaccurate impervious area calculation
  • reallocation of stormwater charge among multiple water accounts on a single parcel.

For Residential Customers:

For Non-Residential Customers looking for Credit opportunity:

Important Forms & Information:

To formally process your appeal or credit please complete and return all relevant forms to:


Mail To: Capital Region Water
Attn: Stormwater Program – Appeals  
212 Locust Street, Suite 500
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Or Email:


Mail To: Capital Region Water
Attn: Stormwater Program – Credits
212 Locust Street, Suite 500
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Or Email: