Sewer Replacement Project

By | November 8, 2016

Capital Region Water kicked off a $1.3 million sewer replacement project on Monday, November 14th. This project will resolve broken sewer mains and will ensure reliable wastewater service for several decades by replacing and renewing aging sewer infrastructure at ten locations in Harrisburg, PA.

This project was initiated after structural deficiencies in the sewers were identified through video inspection of sewer pipes in 2015 and 2016. The photos below are screen shots from video inspections showing examples of broken sewer pipes.

The seven locations listed below will require street excavation to install new sewer mains:

Project Location
Estimated Timeline
Green Street between Boas St and Forster St November 14th – Mid-December 277 feet of new sewer
Green Street between Clinton St and Harrisburg St November 14th – Mid-December 247 feet of new sewer
North 4th Street between Maclay St and Geiger St Mid-December – End of December Repairing 20 feet of sewer
Oxford Street between 7th St and Jefferson St Mid-December – Mid-January 359 feet of new sewer
Crescent Street between Mulberry St and Haehnlen St Mid-December – End of December 131 feet of new sewer
Bailey Street between 13th St and 12th St End of December– End of February 868 feet of new sewer
Parkway Driver between Briggs St and Poplar St Mid December – End of December 37 feet of new sewer

Potential impacts of this construction include:
Street closures, no parking, construction noise, and temporary sewer service interruptions. Working hours will be 7:00 AM – 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. This project will not require access to customers’ homes. When the pipe replacement is complete, the road will be temporarily patched until final street restoration in the spring of 2017. Customers in the affected area will be notified door to door prior to construction with additional details.

Cured-in-place pipe:
Three sewer mains on Crescent Street, Maclay Street, and Parkway Drive will be renewed with a cured-in-placed pipe (inserting a new pipe into an existing pipe) and do not require street excavation.  Potential impacts from the cured in place lining include: temporary traffic disturbance, temporary sewer service interruption.  Customers in the affected area will be notified door to door prior to this work with additional details.

Customers with questions can contact Capital Region Water by phone at 888-510-0606 or by email at Capital Region Water will also have a representative on site during working hours.