September 22, 2015: Source Water Protection Education Program



 HARRISBURG (September 22, 2015): Capital Region Water announces a source water education program to inform the public about where their drinking water comes from and what they can do to help protect it at the source.

Education Program: Consider the Source

Consider the Source: From Raindrop to Tap includes a video and brochure that can be found online at and provides four ways for the public to help protect their drinking water:

  1. Don’t litter. Anything that falls in the watershed could end up in your drinking water.
  2. Pick up trash. If you see litter, pick it up. If you see trash near DeHart Reservoir and can’t pick it up, report it by calling 888-510-0606.
  3. Maintain your septic system if you live in a rural area.
  4. Report vehicle spills near DeHart Reservoir by calling 911.

Groups can request a presentation by Capital Region Water staff by calling 888-510-0606 or by emailing Customers can also learn more about Capital Region Water’s source water protection efforts at its next Board of Directors Workshop on October 14th at 5:00PM. This workshop will be held in the first floor Board Room at 212 Locust Street. A litter cleanup and tour of the DeHart Dam will also be planned for the spring of 2016.

“Although water is vital to life, we often take it for granted. In fact, 3 out of 4 people in the United States don’t know where their water comes from,” said Capital Region Water CEO Shannon Williams. “As part of our continued work to provide safe, reliable and great tasting drinking water, we’re taking action to educate our customers about where their water comes from and how they can help protect it at the source.”

About The Source:

Capital Region Water’s award winning drinking water is sourced from the DeHart Reservoir located in Clarks Valley, 25 miles northeast of Harrisburg. This 5 mile long reservoir holds nearly 6 billion gallons of water and is surrounded by over 7,000 acres of forestland owned by Capital Region Water. Capital Region Water also has the ability to draw water from the Susquehanna River as a backup supply. In 2015, Capital Region Water’s Water Services Center was one of seven utilities in the country to receive the Presidents Award from the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water for exceeding state and federal drinking water standards. In 2014, Capital Region Water’s drinking water placed in the Top 5 in a nationwide taste test contest.

Funding and Partners:

This education program was funded through the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund under a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for Drinking Water Source Water Protection administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This education program was created in partnership with the Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association, Dauphin County Conservation District, Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and Penn State Extension. Capital Region Water is also a member of the Lower Susquehanna Source Water Protection Partnership. The video was created with the help of Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg.