Improvements to the Front Street Pumping Station.


Front St. Pump Station


December 2018- December 2021




Front Street Pump Station conveys the bulk of the combined sewage (Front Street & Paxton Creek Interceptor flows) for the City of Harrisburg, Susquehanna, and Lower Paxton Townships. The station was constructed in 1959. The existing pumping, screening, electrical, instrumentation, and ventilation equipment are well beyond their reasonable operating lives.

Project Purpose:

Replace failing mechanical equipment (pumps, screens, motors); bring the station up to modern code requirements (electrical, ventilation, building); maximize pumping capacity within the available layout (an increase from ~40 MGD to 60 MGD). Part of City Beautiful H2O Program Plan – Baseline Improvements that will increase CSO capture from 59% to 80%.

Project Summary:

New solids handling pumps with variable frequency drives; New mechanically cleaned bar screens (3/4-inch spacing); New electrical switch gear; New instrumentation; New ventilation system; Rehabilitation of internal and external structure; Green Roof for Stormwater Management.
The project will include a major bypass pumping operation for multiple periods within the construction window to enable dewatering of the wet well for equipment installation and power interruptions. Contractor delays have pushed the majority of construction from 2020 into 2021.

The project will be financed by a PENNVEST low-interest loan.

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