Rehabilitate the entire interceptor to address pipe defects and avoid failure.


Construction: 2022-2023




The 111-year-old Front Street Sewer Interceptor conveys a mixture of sewage and stormwater from half of the City of Harrisburg, as well as Susquehanna Township, to CRW’s pump station located at 830 S. Front Street. Since it was built in 1911, the interceptor has played a vital role in transporting wastewater and stormwater along an intricate system of pipes beneath the City before finally reaching the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility (AWTF). Today, nearly 4 million gallons pass through the interceptor daily, and in some wet weather events, volumes can reach almost 20 million gallons. CRW regularly inspects and cleans the Front Street Interceptor to ensure reliability.

Project Purpose:

All the work being completed during phase two will ultimately aid in capturing more combined flow throughout this and other segments of the larger system. This project, paired with pump station upgrades and other capital improvement projects, is a vital commitment to reaching our clean water goals, and meeting; and exceeding compliance obligations. Phase 1 of the project restored the sewer interceptor between Shamokin and Emerald Streets in 2019.

Project Summary:

This project will be completed in several phases throughout a year-long contract timeline. Nearly three miles of interceptor sewer will be repaired by a less invasive, time-efficient, and trenchless process called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repair. Trenchless sewer repair is different from the traditional process as this method uses no-dig technology to repair outdated sewer pipes. CIPP requires less equipment, less expense, and less disturbance to the park landscape. The materials used in CIPP repair are extremely durable and will extend the useful life of the interceptor for many decades. Temporary bypass pumping will convey sewage to the AWTF for treatment. All safety precautions will be taken, and proper signage will be in place to protect pedestrians and bikers visiting Riverfront Park. No full road closures are required for this project.

The project will be financed by a PENNVEST (1% APR loan.)

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