Replace a portion of 1880s cast iron water main and replace isolation valves


Cameron Street


Fall 2021- Spring 2022




One of CRW’s most challenging sections of the distribution system lies in Cameron Street. This is due to the expense and challenging environment for construction. Cameron Street’s heavy trucking and commuter traffic loads require heavy traffic control and limited construction periods, and the roadway is a deep, reinforced concrete cartway that creates expensive restoration requirements. Rehabilitation and replacement of the water main in Cameron Street will occur in phases.

Project Purpose:

Replace a portion of the 1880s cast iron water main and replace isolation valves.

Project Summary:

This phase of the project will replace approximately 3,700 LF of 20-inch cast-iron water main and replace smaller diameter crossing pipes at intersections and fire hydrants. This portion of Cameron St is not a concrete cartway and is, therefore, cheaper to replace rather than rehabilitate with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

The project will be financed from 2018 series bonds/cash

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