Construct green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) along segment of Pentwater Rd, including pond restoration, to address eroision caused by drainage runoff.


Bellevue Park


March 2022- September 2022




CRW is employing green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to manage stormwater runoff and prevent flows from entering the combined sewer system, thereby reducing combined sewer overflow (CSO) activity. In 2017, Capital Region Water (CRW) conducted a hydrologic study for Mish Run to determine how the drainage contributes/impacts downstream features in the Lower Paxton Planning Area sewershed, and then assessed the viability of various control strategies. This study was incorporated into the City Beautiful H2O Program Plan.

Project Purpose:

Design and implement GSI elements. Coordinate with the Bellevue Park Association to incorporate stormwater management and restore the ponds.

Project Summary:

The Bellevue Park Pond Retrofit Project has the potential to reduce the peak flows and improve the quality of runoff from an approximately 40-acre drainage area at the top of one of the largest combined sewer sheds in the City (estimated to manage approximately 16 impervious acres). In addition, local drainage issues such as significant erosion from Pentwater Road drainage and overtopping of the spillway on the lower pond can be addressed while improving the health and aesthetics of the ponds and creek.

The project will be financed from 2017 series bonds/cash. The construction will be financed by a PENNVEST low-interest loan.

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