Rehabilitation of the primary anaerobic digesters.


Advanced Water Treatment Facility


Fall 2018 – Spring 2022




Waste solids from treatment processes are anaerobically digested to stabilize them for reuse or disposal. Anaerobic digestion produces methane gas used for heat and power generation. Stabilized (Class B) biosolids are dewatered and applied on area farms.

Project Purpose:

Replace failing digester covers and mixing system, piping and valves, associated electrical switchgear and controls, and clean Primary Digesters No. 1 and 2. Project includes new electrical building to enable efficient conversion without interruption. Project combined with headworks screening will address decades of problematic operations caused by rag accumulation impacting heat exchangers, mixing and blocking piping and valves.

Project Summary:

New digester tank covers with integral linear motion mixing systems; new interconnecting piping and valving; new electrical (equipment and building); cleaning and disposal of contents of Primary Digesters No. 1 and 2.

The project will be financed from 2017 bond proceeds

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