N 3rd Street & Wiconisco Street






At the intersection of Third and Wiconisco Streets, in a permitted MS4 area, CRW O&M staff have identified a diversion manhole that allows sanitary sewage and stormwater to comingle. In response, CRW has conducted a comprehensive CCTV investigation of the Wiconisco Street area. Based on a review of the CCTV data and further design discussions, CRW is preparing a plan to separate the storm and sewer flow for this area.

Project Purpose:

Remediation for discharge issue at 3rd and Wconisco Street within the Combined Sewer System. CSO-049 and SWOUT-000048: Separation of commingled combined sewer and separate storm sewer infrastructure at and upstream of 3rd and Wiconisco Street. High priority: The issue has been noted in Annual Collection System Inspection and requires remediation in the short term.

Project Summary:

Design and construction of sewer separation measures in the three parallel trunk sewers in the Wiconisco Street Area to:
• Removing (or confirming the lack thereof) any sanitary connections from the separate storm trunk sewer and rerouting to the separate sanitary trunk sewer;
• Removing any stormwater connections from the separate sanitary and combined trunk sewers.
Once the proposed changes are implemented, the storm trunk sewer will function as the MS4 system (SWOUT-000048), and the sanitary and formerly “combined” trunk sewers will be exclusively sanitary flow (possibly with some minor residual stormwater flow).
The project will be funded by PayGo.

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