City Parks Improvement Project

By | March 6, 2018

This project is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

The City of Harrisburg and Capital Region Water are working together, thanks in part to grant funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and Impact Harrisburg, to rehabilitate four City Parks, including green infrastructure to manage stormwater at three of the Parks.

 Project Locations:

Norwood & Holly Park in Allison Hill (no green infrastructure)

Cloverly Heights Park in South Harrisburg

Royal Terrace Park in Allison Hill

Penn & Sayford Park in Midtown

Project Overview: The rehabilitation of the four City Parks was designed and publicly bid for construction in 2017. The City of Harrisburg, DCNR, Impact Harrisburg and Capital Region Water shared the costs of the project to provide improved recreational opportunities to the community and manage stormwater.

Each of the four Parks will receive a complete makeover with new playground equipment, walkways, and landscaping. Three of the four Parks will have additional green infrastructure elements constructed to manage nearby stormwater.

Why is Capital Region Water working on a park project? This project is part of Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O Program to renew aging infrastructure, improve the health of local waterways, and reduce combined sewer overflows. Green infrastructure projects like this project will help capture runoff before it enters Harrisburg’s combined sewer system. Learn more at

Long Term Maintenance: Once completed, the parks will still be maintained by the City of Harrisburg but the green infrastructure elements will be maintained by Capital Region Water to ensure proper operation for stormwater management. Help from neighbors will be needed to keep the area litter free and clean.

Project Schedule: Construction is estimated to take about four to six months to complete at each park.

If you live near the project locations, you may experience the following inconveniences during construction: Streets will remain open to traffic but parking may be limited. You will hear and see construction activity during working hours (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday). Parking may be impacted close to the playgrounds. No one will need to enter your home or business during construction. The construction contractor, Capital Region Water, and the City of Harrisburg will work to notify you of any additional inconveniences.

Questions / Volunteers Needed:

If you have any questions about the project or if you’re interested in helping to install plants at the end of the project, please contact:

Liz Gonzalez, Community Liaison


Kevin Sanders, Bureau of Parks & Recreation, City of Harrisburg