Customers Urged to Apply for Assistance

Capital Region Water is set to resume service terminations for delinquent accounts in April. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, terminations due to delinquency were suspended to lessen the burden on customers facing job losses or other hardship brought on by the economic slowdown. To address a growing rate of delinquency, Capital Region Water will be reinstating service terminations for past due accounts.

“It is our goal to keep customers connected”, said Capital Region Water CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer. “We have a Customer Assistance Program designed to prevent customers from falling behind on their accounts. There is no need to wait. Contact us to arrange a payment plan or apply for credit assistance.”

While not subject to the oversight of the PA Public Utility Commission, Capital Region Water voluntarily complied with the Emergency Order suspending terminations. Coupled with a previous winter shutoff moratorium, terminations on delinquent accounts have been delayed for 16 months. Capital Region Water is experiencing a subsequent financial impact as customer bills accumulate and requests for assistance lag.

Customers can contact the Customer Service Center at 888-510-0606 to discuss account specifics. Capital Region Water will also host a virtual question and answer session for customers beginning at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Details regarding the Customer Assistance Program and how to apply will be provided. Meeting details can be found under the events calendar at

As a municipal authority, Capital Region Water does not make a profit. All rate revenue is invested back into the operation and improvement of our water systems. The inability to collect millions of dollars in past due balances could threaten the ability to ensure all customers continue to have clean, safe drinking water and wastewater services at affordable rates. Between March 20, 2020 and January 22, 2021, Capital Region Water experienced a 16.6% increase in the accounts receivable balance of past due accounts. Capital Region Water intends to equitably remedy the rate of unpaid accounts to avoid passing the significant loss of revenue on to all customers. Capital Region Water continues to pursue alternative funding to assist customers and provide relief. This includes an allocation of the low-income water and wastewater ratepayer assistance passed in the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act passed in late 2020.

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