Capital Region Water begins self-performing street sweeping in the City of Harrisburg today, August 3rd. Residents and visitors can expect Capital Region Water staff and three-wheel mechanical sweepers to maneuver neighborhood streets. Contracted services will no longer be utilized. The decision to expedite this responsibility comes on the heels of postponed service due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent poor performance by the contractor hired by Capital Region Water. Capital Region Water’s operations will ensure that street sweeping remains at full capacity, and responsive to the needs of our community.

“Street sweeping is one of many proactive measures that Capital Region Water invests in to prevent dirt and other debris from accumulating on streets and washing into local waterways,” said Capital Region Water CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer. “With the self-performing operations underway, Capital Region Water can better prevent pollutants from entering the Susquehanna River and nearby creeks and streams. Thus, supporting the greater City Beautiful H2O program for clean water and community beautification.”

Recently, members of the streets team have been hired and completed essential training. Staff from Capital Region Water’s field services division are also available to supplement this team and assist as needed throughout the transition. The Streets Supervisor will be onsite to monitor and assist in ensuring a high quality of service. Capital Region Water is committed to the continuous improvement of these operations, which includes on-the-job training necessary for current and future staff.

Keeping our city beautiful is a collective effort. Everyone has a shared responsibility for clean streets, clean water, and beautiful neighborhoods. Residents can help by removing debris and litter from the top of storm drains. This will help prevent street flooding and reduce the long-term costs of operating the community’s infrastructure. Never pollute the city with litter, and if you see litter, take the time to pick it up. Join the citywide “Stop the Drop” campaign and help Harrisburg become litter-free.

The City of Harrisburg will continue to maintain responsibility for snow removal, leaf collection, waste management, and removal of large debris. Park Harrisburg and the City of Harrisburg administer related parking enforcement. Street sweeping follows the street cleaning schedule as posted.

Customers can contact Capital Region Water with questions or to report a problem with street sweeping at 888-510-0606 or by emailing

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