Interceptor Cleaning

By | July 7, 2016

Interceptor Cleaning Equipment 2

Capital Region Water owns and maintains the sewer system serving the City of Harrisburg and surrounding municipalities and will be cleaning its major sewer lines, called interceptors, this year.  Crews from Capital Region Water, Terra Contracting, and CDM Smith will be accessing manholes along the interceptors to perform pipe cleaning work between June and November 2016.  Disruptions to traffic flow are not expected but Capital Region Water will provide advanced notification through social media if they occur.

Interceptor cleaning may be performed during normal business hours, weekends, and overnight depending on when sewer systemInterceptor Cleaning Equipment 1 conditions are optimal. Project crews will happily provide identification upon request.

Capital Region Water’s interceptors are up to 60 inches in diameter and convey about 20 million gallons of sewage every day. Initial analysis determined that some sections of the interceptors are 50% clogged by sediment.  It’s anticipated that the cleaning will remove 2,300 tons of sediment.  There is no record of when these interceptors were last cleaned.

The $1.4 million project will allow for more storage in the interceptors which will help reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) as part of Capital Region Water’s City Beautiful H2O program. More information about City Beautiful H2O and CSOs can be found online at Cleaning will also allow for a more detailed condition assessment of the interceptors which will identify necessary repairs.

Cleaning Schedule:

Interceptor Name Work Begins Work Ends
Paxton Creek Interceptor June 21 October 31
Paxton Creek Relief Interceptor July 18 July 30
Hemlock Street Interceptor June 30 July 9
Spring Creek Interceptor July 11 July 12
Front Street Interceptor August 1 August 31


Interceptor Map:MapofSewerInterceptors