Customer Assistance Program

By | June 23, 2020

Available Programs

Capital Region Water recognizes the financial hardship facing many of our customers. To assist those with limited incomes or struggling to pay monthly bills, Capital Region Water continues to expand the Customer Assistance Program. The following components are available to assist customers facing hardship:

  • Credit Assistance: Provides up to a $200 credit to residential customers that meet the qualifying income guidelines (listed below). Customers qualifying for similar assistance programs (e.g., LIHEAP, SNAP, etc.), may qualify for this program. Each credit granted will provide an eligible recipient a credit of $100 for use toward the customer’s drinking water utilization charge and $100 for use toward the customer’s wastewater utilization charge, if billed jointly by Capital Region Water. The credit will appear on the customer’s bill as a one-time adjustment. Current eligibility documentation is necessary to receive annual credit assistance.
  • Payment Plan Agreements:  To help avoid further collection activity or interruption of service, customers may petition Capital Region Water for a payment plan agreement to make systematic, scheduled partial payments on an account balance. Payment schedules will be agreed upon by the customer and Capital Region Water. Details of this program can be found in the Collections Policy.
  • Leak Adjustments:  Provides for billing adjustments caused by an unexpected pipe break or a circumstance in which undetectable usage has accumulated during a period of estimated charges. To learn more, please review the Leak Adjustment Policy. To submit an adjustment for review, please complete and submit the Water Leak Adjustment Request.
  • Winter Shutoff Moratorium:  Between December 1 and March 31, Capital Region Water suspends water service terminations for low-income residential customers at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (see chart below and accepted documentation). The winter moratorium also extends to all residential customers with steam heat regardless of income. This ensures customers with steam heating systems do not have water terminated during the coldest months of the year, please complete and submit the Hot Water/Steam Heat Verification Affidavit. Customers are expected to pay all bills as they come due or contact customer service to establish a payment plan agreement.
  • Emergency Medical Condition Confirmations:  For a period of up to 30 days, Capital Region Water may not terminate service when an occupant is certified by a physician to be seriously ill or affected with a medical condition that would be aggravated by the cessation of service or failure to restore service. This provides an important window during which payment arrangements may be made with Customer Service.

Household Income Guidelines

(Applies to Credit Assistance and Winter Shutoff Moratorium)

Assistance is available to low-income residential customers at or below 150% of the Federal Income Poverty Guideline.

Household SizeIncome Limit
For every additional person, add $6,720. Income eligibility may be confirmed with the oversight agency.

Capital Region Water will only accept the following as proof of eligibility:

  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Award Letter
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Award Letter
  • Pennsylvania Rent Rebate Program Award Letter
  • UGI Assistance Program Confirmation      
  • PPL Electric Assistance Program Confirmation

If you are income-eligible, but do not have an award letter or program confirmation, please contact Capital Region Water to review other forms of acceptable documentation.

Eligibility and Application: Credit Assistance  

Capital Region Water is pleased to announce credit assistance available to low-income residential customers paying water and wastewater bills. Owner-occupied and tenant-occupied customers may be eligible. The Credit Assistance Request must be completed and submitted to Capital Region Water at

Owner-occupied Eligibility:  If you are the Capital Region Water account holder, reside at the property, and provide the accepted award letter or program confirmation as indicated above, you are eligible for a $200 account credit. The credit will be split between the water and wastewater utilization charges on your monthly bill. Please indicate that the account is owner-occupied when completing the Credit Assistance Request.

If the account has a past due balance, a payment plan agreement may be required to ensure monthly payment toward the outstanding balance.

Tenant-occupied Eligibility: If you are an authorized tenant as indicated on a Capital Region Water account and provide the accepted award letter or program confirmation as indicated above, you are eligible for up to a $200 account credit. Please indicate that the account is tenant-occupied when completing the Credit Assistance Request.

If you are a tenant and not named on the account, you may be eligible to receive credit assistance if the account is delinquent and facing the possibility of service termination. Generally, service cannot be terminated without a 30-day written notice to tenants. The written notice must include the amount due for the last 30 days of service. If the tenant provides an accepted award letter or program confirmation when making a payment to prevent termination of service, a $200 account credit can be applied.

The owner of residential rental property having legal title to the property is responsible for all charges assessed against the property, including all monthly payment obligations. Capital Region Water does not intervene, mediate, or in any way interfere in landlord-tenant agreements. Capital Region Water will notify tenants of their rights under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Utility Service Tenants Rights Act.

Credit will be applied annually to residential accounts that continue to meet the program eligibility requirements. Only one $200 credit will be applied per residential customer each year. Current award letters or program confirmations must be provided to Capital Region Water. To apply for Credit Assistance, please complete the Request form and attach proof of program eligibility.

Conservation Kits Available

Capital Region Water is pleased to offer Indoor Conservation Kits. Eligible customers will receive a complimentary water conservation kit with information to save water and save money. Kits include tips to detect and fix leaks and retrofit fixtures to make minor plumbing repairs that can help reduce water consumption. Items are easy to install so you can start saving today. The kit includes:

  • Shower Head Massage Pro
  • Toilet Displacement Bag
  • 2- Bathroom Aerators
  • 1-Swivel Spray Stream kitchen aerator
  • Leak Detecting Non-Toxic Dye Tablets

Conservation kits will be mailed directly to the address provided on the Credit Assistance Request. There is a limit of one kit per service address. Capital Region Water does not warrant the content of the kit and is not responsible for the installation, maintenance, or use of these items. For assistance, please contact a licensed plumber.