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Advertisement for Bids

Contractors may visit PennBid to view active advertisements for construction projects currently out to bid. Find Capital Region Water’s projects by typing in “Capital Region Water” in the Keyword search box.

Contractors must create a free account with PennBid to download documents.

Business Diversity Program

Capital Region Water’s Business Diversity Program ensures that minority, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises have an equal opportunity to participate in all project related construction contracts.  Learn more here.

Street/Sidewalk Cut Permits

Capital Region Water is the point of contact for Street/Sidewalk Cut Permits in the City of Harrisburg when excavating for water or sewer pipe repairs. If you are excavating streets or sidewalks in the City of Harrisburg for water or sewer pipe repairs, click here.

Work is not permitted to begin until an approved Street/Sidewalk Cut Permit is issued by Capital Region Water.

Decision Support Software for Asset Management

Capital Region Water (CRW) invites interested asset management decision support software (DSS) vendors (respondent) to submit an information package as described in this request for information (RFI). Responses received will help guide CRW in the determination of future development options or requirements. Please note this is a response for information only; therefore, this solicitation does not constitute a commitment by CRW. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary. Click Here

CRW’s sole point of contact for matters related to the RFI is Sheri Berilla, Asset Manager. CRW’s POC is the only individual authorized to discuss this RFI with any interested parties. All communication with CRW’s POC about this RFI must be in writing and must reference “DSS RFI.”


CRW Timber Product Harvest/Sale- Dehart Property

Capital Region Water will receive Sealed Bids to purchase certain designated timber products, standing within defined forest tracts and stands, owned by Capital Region Water, in accordance with the bid proposal until 1:00 PM, prevailing time on Tuesday, April 27, at which time the Timber Sale Bids received will be opened by Capital Region Water.

An estimated 850,000 bf/acre and over 4,500 tons of pulpwood is to be harvested from the combined 150-acre harvest area in Stands 20, 34, 36, and 37 per the respective Harvesting Plan and associated Forest Management Plan for the DeHart Property.

The DeHart Property is located within Rush, Middle Paxton, and Jefferson Townships, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

Bid Documents and details can be found here
Bid Results can be found here

For assistance, contact Appalachian Forest Consultants at 814-659-1280.

Capital Region Water reserves the right to reject any and all Bids and to accept any Bid deemed to be favorable to its interests.

A guided tour of the sale area will be conducted on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 10:30 AM. Attendees shall meet at the DeHart Property, Dam Entrance via Rt. 325. Masks are required and social distancing must be observed. There will only be one tour date; confirm your attendance by calling 814-659-1280. Representatives of Capital Region Water and their Consulting Forester, Appalachian Forest Consultants, will be present to discuss the Timber Product Harvest/Sale.


Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations for the Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater System are adopted by Capital Region Water’s Board to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of the facilities and infrastructure necessary to serve Ratepayers. For Online Request Forms, click here.

Financial Reports

More detailed financial reports including rate studies, audited financial statements, and consulting engineering reports can be found here.