Capital Region Water Considers Proposal to Conserve Its DeHart Watershed Property

HARRISBURG (March 21, 2016) – Capital Region Water announced a proposal to conserve its 8,200 acre DeHart Watershed Property in Dauphin County by easement in partnership with the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and Fort Indiantown Gap.

The 8,200 acre DeHart Watershed Property located in northern Dauphin County is the primary source of drinking water for Capital Region Water’s 67,000 customers. The DeHart Watershed Property includes the five mile long DeHart Reservoir and 7,500 acres of forestland.

Under the proposal, Capital Region Water will receive approximately $9 million through the Fort Indiantown Gap Army Compatible Use Buffer program to grant a conservation easement limiting development on the property. The Nature Conservancy will hold and enforce the easement in perpetuity. Capital Region Water will retain all rights to manage the drinking water system including the DeHart Reservoir, DeHart Dam, and all associated facilities and structures. Currently, there is no protection from future development on the DeHart Watershed Property.

“This proposal presents a significant opportunity to protect our primary drinking water supply from future development while generating much needed revenue,” said Capital Region Water’s CEO, Shannon Williams. “We need to carefully consider this proposal from every angle and hear from our customers before a decision is made.”

Capital Region Water’s Board of Directors will take public comments into account before they vote on the proposal at their April 27th meeting.  Capital Region Water will open a three week public comment period to receive input from its customers beginning March 21st and ending April 8th.

In addition, two public meetings will be held on March 23rd and 29th and will include a brief presentation and time for comments and questions. Light refreshments will be provided. All relevant materials and documents will be posted to along with the opportunity to provide comments. Comments can also be mailed directly to Capital Region Water at 212 Locust Street, Suite 500, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Public Meetings:
When:   Wednesday, March 23
212 Locust Street, First Floor

When:   Tuesday, March 29
6:00PM – 7:00PM
Where:  Hamilton Health Center
110 South 17