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Water Quality Reports

We at Capital Region Water are proud to share your annual Drinking Water Quality Reports summarizing water quality tests. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all water utilities to produce and distribute water quality reports on an annual basis to help you understand what’s in your water. 2017 Water Quality Report 2016 Water Quality Report… Read More »

Maintenance and Improvement Projects

After years of neglect, Capital Region Water’s proud employees work daily to inspect, clean, repair, and replace Harrisburg’s water infrastructure to protect public health and the environment.

Street Sweeping for Clean Water

Capital Region Water will be using a new contractor for street sweeping in 2017. This service will now be performed with state of the art equipment designed to remove more dirt and grit from streets in the City of Harrisburg.

Sewer Replacement Project

Final Street Restoration Capital Region Water’s contractor will performing final street restoration at the seven excavation sites beginning April 17th. This street restoration will include the removal of all temporary asphalt and installation of permanent asphalt. Streets may be closed temporarily while this work takes place. Street Restoration Location Estimated Timeline Parkway Driver between Briggs St and… Read More »

Wastewater Plant Open House

Stop by Saturday, October 15th from 11AM to 2PM to get a tour of Capital Region Water’s recently upgraded Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility and learn how we transform your waste to produce clean water, renewable energy, and nutrients for farms 24 hours a day! This event will be held rain or shine and includes: Tours of the… Read More »

Sewer Maintenance

Capital Region Water is responsible for over 130 miles of sewer pipes in Harrisburg and proactively maintains the system to protect public health and the environment, from raindrop to river.   As part of maintaining our sewer system, Capital Region Water’s CReWs regularyly inspect sewer pipes for issues before they cause sinkholes or sewer blockages.… Read More »

Sewage Happens

The Problem: Blockages in the sewer system can lead to costly sewage backups in your home. How costly? The average cost for a sewage backup cleanup is $2,885. Prevent sewer backups for yourself and your neighbors: Can your grease. Liquid cooking grease, oils, and fats harden when poured into a sink drain. As they harden they… Read More »

Interceptor Cleaning

Capital Region Water will be cleaning its major sewer lines, called interceptors, this year. Learn more about this project here.

Business Diversity Program

Capital Region Water awards millions of dollars worth of construction projects annually and has a Business Diversity Program to ensure that minority and women business enterprises have an equal opportunity to participate in all project related construction contracts.