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Paxton Creek Interceptor Improvement Project

In early 2018, Capital Region Water will begin an $8 million project to rehabilitate 13,000 feet of its Paxton Creek Interceptor, one of the largest sewer pipes in its system. Measuring 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide at its largest point, the Paxton Creek Interceptor runs along the Paxton Creek in Harrisburg and carriers… Read More »

Summit Terrace Green Neighborhood

Capital Region Water is working with the Summit Terrace Neighborhood to construct green infrastructure along Bailey Street. This project was designed in coordination with the neighborhood association to manage stormwater while yielding the most benefits for the neighborhood. The project includes a rain garden at the intersection of Bailey Street and 13th Street and rain… Read More »

Sewer Improvement Project

Capital Region Water will kick off a $700,000 sewer replacement project in January, 2018. This project will repair aging and broken sewer mains and manholes at five different locations in Harrisburg. Project Location Estimated Timeline Notes South 13th Street between Market Street and Howard Street Mid-December – Early January New manhole, 18 feet of new sewer… Read More »

Leak Detection Program

In an effort to reduce system-wide water losses and provide reliable service, Capital Region Water implements a regular leak detection program. The goal of the program is simple – reduce costs and provide reliable service by proactively finding main breaks, leaking service lines, and losses in the water distribution system. The leak detection program deploys… Read More »

Storm Drain Cleaning

Capital Region Water’s crews have cleaned over 1,000 storm drains in 2017. Many of these drains were filled with debris from years of little maintenance and lack of investment. Since taking over the operation of this system at the end of 2013, Capital Region Water has hired additional crews and purchased equipment to properly clean,… Read More »

Valve Exercising Program

Capital Region Water began a formal valve exercising program in August 2017 to ensure reliable, safe drinking water for its customers. Through this program, Capital Region Water’s crews will mechanically exercise every valve in the system to make sure they work when they are needed most. Regular valve exercising is an industry best practice but… Read More »

Headworks Screening Project

Capital Region Water’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility (AWTF) currently does not have a screening system at the beginning of its treatment process. As a result, clogging and equipment failure of the grit removal system and primary clarifiers have occurred in the past because of rags, wrappers, and other solids entering the treatment process. Capital Region… Read More »

Emergency Generator for Water Services Center

Thanks in part to a $812,622 grant from Dauphin County, Capital Region Water is installing an emergency generator at its Water Services Center. This generator will help guarantee reliable, safe drinking water service for Capital Region Water’s 60,000 customers in the Harrisburg area. Capital Region Water’s Water Services Center currently does not have an emergency… Read More »

2017 Water Main Improvement Project

  This project was completed in January 2018. Capital Region Water’s $830,000 Water Main Improvement Project began in September 2017. This project will install 2,915 feet of 6-inch diameter water main to improve water quality, service reliability, and flow for fire protection in the City of Harrisburg, Penbrook Borough, and Susquehanna Township. Potential impacts of… Read More »

Short-Term River Run

Short-Term River Run is now complete. Capital Region Water switched back to treating water from the DeHart Reservoir on Tuesday, October 24. It will take 2-3 days for drinking water in the distribution system (underground pipes) to transition to water from DeHart Reservoir. We’re lucky to have the pristine DeHart Reservoir as our main source… Read More »